Greetings and Welcome to 2016, the most important year in human history

2016 was the year that humans saved themselves or not... and unfortunately humans did not and runaway GLOBAL WARming is their future. Instead of a Carbon Tax in 2017, DT will be drilling, fracking, digging more fossil fuels, global temperature will keep rising every year, and humans will be going extinct within 500 years. The only good news is that it will be occurring very gradually.


The Three Goals

  1. Carbon Tax - Global warming is already happening, it’s primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, it will be getting much worse, and only a Carbon Tax will stop it. Because 2016 is a national congressional election year, Global Warming can become the key issue. Link to Carbon Tax petition
  2. Great Awakening - For thousands of years, humans have wondered what life is all about. After 50 years of searching, Middleway has found an answer, "Life is about Waking Up to Life". Find out what that means and Wake Up and Live in 2016.
  3. Save MOM - learn about the mother you never knew you had, find out that she has always been by your side, and discover the joys of living with her. Some call her Earth or Mother Earth, but calling her MOM is a closer, more loving relationship. MOM is in danger, she has been heard calling for help, and we still have time to save MOM.

To find out more about any of these goals, please click on the links above.

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