SPD, Split Personality Disorder

Humans have SPD, Split Personality Disorder

The reason humans don’t realize it is because all humans have it and the split is invisible (subconscious). Everyone who thinks they are a person, has it… a split personality… the conscious adult self and the subconscious middle school self.

Here are the symptoms of SPD: 

Symptom1: Adults who think, act, behave like a middle schooler. 

SPD is like an adult supervising a middle schooler. The adult tends to dominate when supervising, and the middle schooler gets to dominate when the supervision is missing. 

Symptom2: “How many like to drink alcohol and play?” Alcohol decreases the adult supervision… and allows the middle schooler to come out and play. “So what’s so bad about that?” Well, all world problems are caused by SPD. Repeat, all world problems are due to SPD.

Symptom3: “How many people have too many problems?” If you could stack your problems, how high would the stack be? This is about how big your inner Middle Schooler is. To have fewer problems, supervise your inner Middle Schooler.

Here is your prescription

The treatment for SPD is to supervise your inner middle school self. That sounds easier than it is, because you have lived your whole life with your middle school self.


The reason humans do not realize that they get stuck in middle school is because it occurs invisibly and subconsciously. The subconscious self keeps developing through middle school, gets stuck, and the conscious adult self goes on from there. For adults, most of the time, the conscious mind gets to dominate... other times, the subconscious middle schooler gets control and plays. Problems are growing because the middle schoolers are becoming more and more selfish. The problem isn’t middle schoolers playing… the problem is middle schoolers are playing with fire.

How to follow the prescription

First, remember that all humans have MSD/SPD. Second, remember that everyone needs to know they have MSD/SPD. Third, talk with adult consciousness. Forth, act with adult consciousness. Fifth, live with adult consciousness. Sixth, live harmoniously with inner Middle Schooler. Seventh, be mindful of the adult and middle schooler. Eighth, be aware that supervision leds to a reduction in the number of problems. Middleway will go over each of these during 2016.


Being stuck in middle school would certainly be a nightmare, and life often seems like a nightmare. SPD is the reason for the disorder. Humans need to be aware that individual healing, your treatment will not remove the nightmare, if other humans are not healed. Healing will occur fastest among the most conscious adults. With the illness identified, more humans can be healed more quickly. 2016 is the year of the Great Awakening. Are you waking up?  Please Wake Up!!!

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"Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know truth/reality." ... Mw2016


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