Humans have two selves

Humans have two selves, little self and big self

"big self" is the self that you are aware of, the one often called, "I, me”… big self is your adult conscious self.

"little self"  is the self that you are not aware of, the self that takes care of survival…things like: walking, running, eating, sleeping, etc.  “little self” is subconscious survival self.


As evidence, try to consciously tell your leg muscles to move your leg. “big self” doesn’t know how to control muscles… “little self” takes care of walking and other survival actions. “big self” would take too long, putting survival at risk, so little self does it subconsciously.


Currently, the world is being influenced more by “little self” than by “big self”. When survival is at stake, “little self” takes control. As fear increases, “little self” comes to dominate, putting humanity on the road to more disasters.


“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear.” -Gandhi


Mw is here to Wake Up humans to this reality, in order to prevent these disasters. Humans who are blind to “little survival self,” are like blind people running around in a room full of furniture. Mw is here, to open their eyes, so they can see the approaching dangers and prevent them from becoming massive disasters.


“Humanity is faced with a choice of finding new ways to live together or continuing the cycle of violence and conflict. If the structures of the human mind and ego remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.” - Eckhart Tolle


How is knowing about our two selves helpful? Once you accept that you have a little self and big self, it becomes possible to recognize who has more control. If you think about how tall you were, when you could survive on your own, that can represent how much little self controls. The amount above that represents how much big self controls. Realizing that little self takes care of about 80% and big self is only in charge of 20% should be a big wake up call… especially knowing it applies to every human in the world. Only by recognizing and changing this can humans wake up, conquer fear, reduce problems and live together in peace.


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"Since our journey will travel into new territory, a guide will help prevent humans from getting lost. “What animal do you like the most?”…. this will be your animal guide, like an animal that helps a blind person."  ... Mw2016


"Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know truth/reality." ... Mw2016


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