The Great Awakening

Great AwakeningFor thousands of years, humans have wondered what life is all about. After 50 years of searching, Middleway has found an answer, "Life is about Waking Up to Life". 2016 is the year that humans Wake Up. Human 2.0, Two Selves, SSS, MSD, SPD and IAS are six steps to Awaken. (suggest starting with Human 2.0 or Two Selves)

Human 2.0 - Harmony

Human 2.0 is a vastly improved operating system, now available for humans to upgrade. (Click to find out how to update)

Humans have two selves, little self and big self

"big self" is the self that you are aware of, the one often called, "I or me”… big self is your adult conscious self.

"little self"  is the self that you are not aware of, the self that takes care of survival…things like: walking, running, eating, sleeping, etc.  “little self” is subconscious survival self.

SSS, Subconscious Survival Self

All animals, including humans, have a subconscious survival self that helps that animal survive. It helps the animal move (walk), eat, breathe, avoid danger, etc… all done subconsciously.

MSD, Middle School Disorder

All humans are sick with MSD, Middle School Disorder… an illness that causes humans to be subconsciously stuck in Middle School. Even though humans will deny it, every human has MSD.

SPD, Split Personality Disorder

All humans have SPD, Split Personality Disorder. Humans don’t realize it is because all humans have it and the split is invisible (subconscious). Everyone who thinks they are a person, has it… a split personality… the conscious adult self and the subconscious middle school self. Mending the split is how to heal MSD and SPD.

IAS, Invisible Animal Self

Emotionally, humans stop progressing past middle school… where they are driven by their emotions, where they believe and react to their thoughts, and where they think they are the most important person in the world. 

Humans dislike hearing this, believing this is incorrect, just as middle schoolers dislike being told to grow up. Humans think this is wrong since everyone else is the same, just as middle schoolers see their behavior as normal... all the other kids act the same.

IAS, Inherited Animal Subconsciousness

Evolution is reality and humans evolved from earlier primates/animals…this has been verified and validated by over 150 years of absolute scientific support. Along with physical body components, humans also inherited mental components… IAS, Inherited Animal Subconsciousness. The Great Awakening is when humans wake-up to the reality that they evolved w/ IAS, and they begin to evolve beyond IAS.


What is Life About? (2 min video)

Life 2.0 - Heaven on Earth (5 1/2 min video)

You are a Human Animal, (8 min Disney video)

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"Since our journey will travel into new territory, a guide will help prevent humans from getting lost. “What animal do you like the most?”…. this will be your animal guide, like an animal that helps a blind person."  ... Mw2016


"Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know truth/reality." ... Mw2016


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