Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins, all driven by IAS

1. Lust (excessive sexual desire)

2. Gluttony (excessive desire for food)

3. Greed (excessive desire for money and power)

4. Sloth (excessive desire to be lazy)

5. Wrath (excessive anger)

6. Envy (excessive desire for what others have)

7. Pride (excessive belief in self)


All world problems are driven by IAS, and all world problems can be reduced by reducing IAS. Ask yourself, "Did I have all of these qualities in middle school?" If the answer is yes, this explains why adults (subconsciously) continue to behave like middle schoolers (who are under adult supervision). This is verified by all of the “adults” in the world who (subconsciously) commit one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins.


Many Republican politicians promote greed, anger, envy, and pride to gain popularity and votes... another example of IAS attempting to dominate. Do humans really want IAS running our government? The Boycott R Campaign says to boycott Republicans.


The reason alcohol results in so many “sins” is because alcohol makes humans less conscious, reducing the “adult” supervision, allowing the (subconscious) middle schooler to take control.


Recognizing IAS at work is the way to reduce IAS control and reduce world problems. We have 2016 to do this!

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"Since our journey will travel into new territory, a guide will help prevent humans from getting lost. “What animal do you like the most?”…. this will be your animal guide, like an animal that helps a blind person."  ... Mw2016


"Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know truth/reality." ... Mw2016


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