MSD, Middle School Disorder

Middleway is here to inform you that all humans are sick with MSD, Middle School Disorder… an illness that causes humans to be subconsciously stuck in Middle School. Even though humans will deny it, every human has MSD.


Here are the symptoms of MSD: (Answer Yes or No)

1. Sometimes you think and act like you did in Middle School.

2. You have more problems than you like… life could be better.

If you answered Yes to these symptoms, you have MSD.

If you answered No to one or both, you still have MSD but are in denial about it.

Why MSD is hard to accept


MSD, Middle School Disorder, which causes humans to be stuck in Middle School, is hard to acknowledge, because of the age (13) and the impression that the adult is so different.


Most humans would acknowledge getting set-in-their-ways at a certain age… most likely selecting around 23 years (+ - 5 years or so). This makes 13 years shockingly low.


Most humans feel so much older than 13, like a totally different person. Up to 13 is largely the development of the subconscious survival self. After 13 is when adult consciousness begins to develop. Adult consciousness feels very different because it overlays the invisible middle school self. 


Survival consciousness operates only on the 5 senses and local time and space... personal survival concerns. Adult consciousness can operate on extra(scientific)sensory input and much larger time and space fields… concerns that go far beyond immediate survival.


Humans with MSD and under pressure operate more on survival self. This leads to a world run by middle schoolers and middle school emotions (i.e. the 7 deadly sins). This it the world we are in and the direction the world is heading... until humans Wake Up!

These are the steps for healing MSD: 

Five Stages of Grief (Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, Acceptance/Resolution)


Stage1, Denial… MSD means that you are subconsciously stuck in Middle School… this explains most of your problems. Treat MSD and most of your problems will go away. That should sound pretty good.


Stage2, Bargaining… “OK, what do I have to do to get cured of it?”

1. Recognize that you have MSD. 2. Recognize that any cure won’t be easy (your age is how long you’ve had MSD vs. zero years you haven’t). 3. Recognize that MSD will continue to cause problems, because that’s what Middle Schoolers do. 4. Since ALL humans have MSD, until they are all healed, they will continue to think and act like Middle Schoolers. This is why there are so many problems in the world and why humans never solve their problems (problems keep coming back). MSD cannot be totally cured… only treated and put into remission (decreasing the problems).


Stage3, Anger… “So you’re telling me I have MSD and there isn’t any cure!”

Yes… you have MSD and you will never be totally cured of it.

That should make you a little angry… so let’s move on.


Stage4, Depression… Has this information depressed anyone? Anyone feeling a little depressed?

Good... Now we can move on.


Stage5, Acceptance/Resolution… When you fully recognize that you have MSD, that you are subconsciously stuck in Middle School, then you can begin to get unstuck. The good news is this… everyone older than 14 has at least some years learning to be a conscious adult. The treatment for MSD is this… the conscious adult (the person who is reading this) has to actively supervise the invisible Middle Schooler inside you.


If you could stack your problems next to you, how high would that stack be? (Note: your problems are the ones you make for yourself AND for others). The height of your problem stack can be a reference of how big your invisible middle schooler is. Supervise your inner Middle Schooler and your problems will decrease.


SSS, Subconscious Survival Self, describes where MSD comes from and should be read first.

SPD, Split Personality Disorder, is another way to describe MSD, which aids in healing. Click here to read about SPD


A 4min video about 2016 and MSD


Human, Vol2... examples of adult humans driven by MSD, and a few who use conscious adult supervision. (1 1/2hr video)

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