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"Helping to Save the World by Stopping the 3 P's, the 3 Problems"

One might wonder, does the world need saving? Here is an analogy. We are all on a train which keeps going faster, moving into rougher and more dangerous territory. Many of the passengers are already getting hurt or killed by the bumping around. Because of self- interests, the people on the train can't agree on what to do. Yet, the solution for preventing the eventual train crash is obvious... STOP THE TRAIN. By stopping the 3P's, the 3 Problems, we will stop the train and avert disaster.


The first P is Pollution. We must stop all increases in pollution.
" Right now, the most critical pollutant produced by humans is excessive carbon dioxide, which is leading to human induced global warming. We must stop all increases in carbon dioxide production. This problem must be confronted before runaway climate change causes a train wreck. Some train riders will survive in that wreck, but everyone will be hurt by that inevitable disaster.

" Other forms of pollution have also become excessive. After addressing CO2 emissions, we must stop all other pollution increases as well. Pollution is throwing more curves at our train, and every one of those pollution curves is causing more deaths and injuries.

" When one understands the need to stop the runaway train we are on, then one can understand the wisdom in stopping increases in pollution. By stopping these increases, we will not be making some huge change. Everyone will be allowed to create the same level of pollution as the year before. In industrial nations, utility bills and statements can make consumers aware if they are decreasing or increasing their energy usage. Those who stay under are fine. Those who create more pollution will pay for more renewable energy production.

" Some will say that stopping pollution increases is not enough; that we must reduce pollution levels dramatically. This is true and, in combination with the other 2 P’s, this will reduce pollution levels.

The second P is Population. We must stop human population increases.
" On Oct 31, world population officially reached 7 billion people. According to the UN Population Council, unless something is done, world population is projected to reach 8 billion by 2030, 9 billion by 2050, and 10-11 billion by 2100. At that point, world population is expected to peak, as the number dying from starvation, disease and war will counter any population increase. If this is allowed to happen, all life on this planet (other than insects and bacteria) will be very severely degraded. Our train is already filled beyond capacity, with more and more people lacking enough food, water or shelter. We must cure this growing planetary illness.

" To stop population increases, the prescription is 1CC, One Child Certificates. In every country that adopts a 1CC policy, every boy and girl, man and woman, who has not had a child, will be given a 1CC. Each certificate entitles that person to have one child; a couple with two certificates could have two children with the certificates passed on to the children. A governmental agency would maintain records on all 1CCs.

" After every 1CC is assigned, people can purchase or be given additional 1CCs in order to have larger families. People without certificates who have additional children would actually be taking their baby’s 1CC, since there would not be a 1CC to pass on.

 " Those choosing not to have a child could sell their 1CC. In industrial nations like the USA, the set price for a 1CC might be $20,000*. For countries that adopt a 1CC policy, every boy and girl, man and woman who don't have children, would effectively get a gift of $20,000* with the benefit of stopping population increases. Many would call this a win- win.
*the set price of a 1CC will be determined in each country

The third P is Piracy. We must stop increases in piracy.
" A way to understand what is happening in the world today, is to realize that Wall Street, global corporations, and most governments are basically modern day pirates. Pirates look for opportunities to rake in lots of money quickly which is what Wall Street does. Pirates do not care about the consequences of their actions, and neither does Wall Street nor global corporations. Pirates rake in more money than they can use, so they bury it in Swiss bank accounts and offshore investments. Pirates rake in obscene amounts of money, simply to be the richest pirate. Every billionaire is proof of piracy.

" People don't comprehend big numbers like a billion. Here is an analogy which helps us realize how excessive greed has become. If we take a one-foot ruler and say that 1 inch represents $80,000, most would say that is a large amount of money. 1 foot would represent about $1 million or what most people dream of having. If 1 foot represents $1 million, how large is $1 billion? Almost as high as the Empire State Building... an insane amount of money for one person. Many billionaires could spend $1 million every day and die before they spent it all. But billionaires want even more billions, because they are only interested in becoming the richest pirate, and they don't care who suffers because of their insane greed.

" To halt piracy increases, every country must implement a tax policy which outlaws anyone from keeping any more than $1 million per year. $1 million a year is equivalent to getting paid $500 per hour or $80,000 per month... an amount that should satisfy anyone.

" When the sky is the limit on what people can keep, that is the same as lacking a roof on our train so everyone gets soaked in a storm. The 99% must say enough is enough and get a ceiling on our train... a million dollar ceiling to stop increases in piracy.

" Everyone needs to realize that a world run by pirates is a world heading for disaster after disaster. If piracy is allowed to increase, everyone can expect more severe economic, environmental, and social train wrecks, as the pirates take more and more, leaving less and less for the 99%. We must stop piracy... this isn’t an option.

The 3 P's are the 3 Problems that must be resolved, in order to stop the train. We must all work together to help save this train, this planet we call Earth. Let us all talk, vote and take to the streets until we STOP THE TRAIN and SAVE THE WORLD.


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