IAS, Invisible Animal Self

Emotionally, humans stop progressing past middle school… where they are driven by their emotions, where they believe and react to their thoughts, and where they think they are the most important person in the world. 

Humans dislike hearing this, believing this is incorrect, just as middle schoolers dislike being told to grow up. Humans think this is wrong since everyone else is the same, just as middle schoolers see their behavior as normal... all the other kids act the same.

IAS stands for the Invisible Animal Self

Invisible - emotions are basically invisible to humans.

Animal - all animals have emotions.

Self - IAS is the sense of a ’self’ that all animals have.

All animals have an Animal Self that is Invisible to them. IAS is that sense of self, which helps an animal survive in the wild. Humans cannot describe the self, because it operates invisibly. Knowing about IAS shines a light on IAS, helping to see it.

Humans will deny they have IAS

Humans will claim that they are more emotionally mature than middle schoolers, but really it’s the adult brain that puts restraints on those middle school emotions. Society tells you to “grow up”, that you are not the only person in the world, and the mature “conscious” brain modifies your behaviors. Deep down, every human wants to place themselves first.

In short, humans are driven by subconscious middle school emotions with conscious adult supervision. The popularity of video games/sports is from a desire to unleash our emotions and play. The popularity of alcohol is from a desire to remove that adult supervision. We have so many growing problems because the world is being run by humans with middle school emotions AND middle school emotions are trying to dominate.

Seven Deadly Sins link

3 main aspects of IAS:

I is for Ignorance - instead of seeing the whole world, humans focus on certain objects and everything else gets put into the background. The result is that humans ignore everything in the background.

A is for Anger - humans have a long list of things that make them angry… what they dislike.

S is for Desire, Sensual Desire - humans have a long list of things that they desire… things that are sensually appealing.

IAS is the source of almost every human problem. By recognizing these aspects, humans can learn to overcome IAS.

5 Senses link

5 Limited Senses

Humans have 5 limited senses which helps them survive. Unfortunately, those limited senses are inadequate for seeing the many “invisible” problems in our modern world. This critical flaw causes "humans to have thoughts and believe their thoughts"… just like middle schoolers do. By recognizing IAS, humans can learn to overcome IAS.


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"Since our journey will travel into new territory, a guide will help prevent humans from getting lost. “What animal do you like the most?”…. this will be your animal guide, like an animal that helps a blind person."  ... Mw2016


"Humans have thoughts and believe their thoughts. Humans would rather hold onto their beliefs than to know truth/reality." ... Mw2016


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