5 Limited Senses

Humans have 5 very limited senses that help humans survive in the world. Although completely adequate for survival, human senses can only detect 1/1000th of the full spectrum. That means that over 99.9% of the world is invisible (non-sense) to humans. This is where science comes to our aid. Using scientific instruments, scientists are able to detect and verify what humans alone cannot.

Human senses:

Sight: 1mm-10km

Sound: 20Hz-20KHz

Smell: type, sensitivity

Taste: type, sensitivity

Touch: 1mm, 1deg

Time: 1sec to 1day

Location: on land


Scientific instruments:

million times smaller and million times farther

1000 times lower and 1000 times higher

1000 times the variety and 1000 times sensitive

1000 times the variety and 1000 times sensitive

1000 times finer and 1000 times as sensitive

million times shorter and million times longer

anywhere we can send instruments (space, oceans, underground)

To actually see what is invisible to the human eye, please watch this 2 min. trailer.

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